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Mining sites can be dangerous places to work. This is not only due to the nature of their work, but also the location of many of the sites. With the mining industry making up a a significant part of Australia’s economy, and Australia being one of the world’s largest produces of minerals and metals, our mine sites take their workers health and safety seriously.

Fully engineered Fabric Dome Shelters provides mining sites the opportunity to create comfortable working areas for their workers. Additionally, they can protect their invaluable equipment and materials.

Why is Mine Safety Important?

Playing such an integral part in Australia’s economy, and being a major industry, mine safety is crucial for a number of reasons including:

1. Protecting Workers

Mines can be hazardous places to work, with risks of equipment failures and exposure to harmful substances. Ensuring mine safety can help protect workers from accidents and illnesses that could cause injury or death.

2. Maintaining Productivity

Safe working conditions help to maintain productivity by reducing the frequency of accidents, injuries and equipment damage that could disrupt mining operations.

3. Compliance with Regulations

Governments and industry bodies have established regulations and safety standards for mining operations to minimise risks and ensure the safety of workers and the environment.

4. Protecting the Environment

Mining activities can have significant impacts on the environmental (including land degradation), so ensuring mine safety can help reduce these impacts and ensure sustainable mining practices.

5. Protecting Communities

Mining activities can have impacts on nearby communities such as noise, dust and health risks from exposure to harmful substances. Mine safety can help minimise these impacts and maintain positive relationships with local communities.

Mine Safety is an important aspect to consider with any mine, no matter the location or what the mine is for.


How can a Fabric Shelter Contribute Toward the Safety of Mine Sites

Fabric shelters can be beneficial to mine sites in a number of ways due to their versatility and flexible nature. Fabric shelters can be customised with various sizes and mounting options to meet specific needs. Dome shelters can contribute towards the safety of mine sites and their workers in several ways:

1. Protection From the Elements:

Fully engineered fabric shelters can provide protection from the elements, such as wind, rain, sun and snow if located in alpine or sub-alpine areas. This can help ensure safe working conditions, reduce downtime due to weather disruptions and protect equipment from damage.

2. Safety for Maintenance and Repairs:

Fabric shelters provide a safe, weather-protected workspace for equipment maintenance and repair, ensuring security and efficiency. This ensures that maintenance and repairs can be carried out safely and efficiently, reducing downtime costs.

3. Storage of Hazardous Materials:

With the option for full enclosure, fabric dome shelters can safely store hazardous materials like explosives or chemicals, creating a controlled environment separate from other work areas. This can help ensure that these materials are handled safely and in compliance with regulations.

4. Available for Emergency Needs:

With the ability to be relocated, fabric shelters can be installed within close proximity of the actual mine. Having the ability to be fitted out depending on the needs of the site, fabric shelters can be used as an emergency response facility in the event of an accident or other emergency. This can provide a safe and sheltered space for workers to seek refuge or receive medical attention.

Due to the vast sizes of mine sites, and being exposed to such a wide range of weather conditions, the versatility of fabric shelters can contribute towards mine safety under the department of mines industry regulation and safety.


Benefits of Allshelter’s Mining Shelters

With a wide range of fabric shelters on offer suited to the mining industry, mining safety is a major aspect. Engineered to be permanent and designed to be temporary, fabric shelters have the ability to be relocated, proving to be beneficial as mine sites expand into new locations, you have the ability the move the shelter as well. Delivering the majority of our fabric shelters in compact kit form packages, they enable DIY installation, allowing for a much faster installation compared to conventional buildings.

The curved profile of the shelters combined with white translucent fabric allows for natural light, without casting shadows. This takes away the need of artificial lighting during the day, and provided an open plan feel. Taking away the need of artificial lighting during the day also contributes to a more sustainable shelter option. The shelters’ light footprint enables easy installation and dismantling with minimal environmental impact, offering cost-effective solutions. Remote mining operations often find permanent steel-clad shelters too bulky, inflexible, or costly. In contrast, fabric shelters can be swiftly erected on site, and shipped in smaller packages, reducing downtime, the carbon footprint and delivery costs.


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Safety is crucial in mining operations, particularly due to the sector being a large percentage of our economy and exports. Therefore, it is important that they are in compliance with the work health and safety mines regulations 2022. Fabric Dome Shelters can contribute towards a safer workplace for mine sites, with the ability to customise them to suit the exact shelter needs of any mine site. The flexible nature of fabric shelters allows mine sites to truly protect their people and assets within close proximity to the mine with peace of mind that they can move their shelter when needed.

For more information on how you can create a safer workplace with mining shelter, contact our team today.


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