Container Safety Sheds In Extreme Heat


Australia is known for its hot climate, in particular, the central and western regions. With temperatures often soaring above 30℃, it is important for companies to protect there people and assets.

Why Are Safety Sheds Vital on Worksites?

With many companies, particularly those within the mining industry, extreme heat is a factor that needs to be considered when planning their infrastructure and work areas. Extreme heat can impact on worker safety and equipment performance in these areas.

High temperatures can pose significant risks to the health and safety of workers in these kind of operations. Heat stress and heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke can occur when individuals are exposed to excessive heat for extended periods. Not only can the workers suffer from extreme heat, but the heat can impact the performance and efficiency of equipment and machinery. Extreme heat can affect the functioning of engines and hydraulic systems, and other critical components, leading to equipment breakdowns and increased maintenance requirements.

By ensuring measures are in place to protect people and machinery, such as quality, fully engineered fabric shelters, companies located in areas prone to high temperatures can see a reduction in downtime.


Fabric Shelters or Safety Sheds In Extreme Heat

Fabric structures offer a shelter solution to those who are looking for heat protection. Although Allshelter uses white translucent fabric, Straatex®️ High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric reflects the heat off the shelter. Therefore, reducing the temperature under the shelter, making it a much more comfortable working environment. While there is a risk of some fabrics becoming bristle in the heat, HDPE fabric doesn’t, making it a vast comparison to the fabric used in cheap imported shelters.

As a relocatable shelter solution, fabric shelters have a much quicker lead and install time than traditional steel-clad buildings. This means a reduction in downtime for sites such as those in the mining and construction industries, allowing their workers to be more productive with less interruptions.

Providing Relief From The Heat

Keeping their people and freight protected from the dusty, hot and dry environment was tough for Toll Mt Isa, but with the help of two large ground mounted fabric shelters, they were able to ensure their people and assets had the best protection possible. Find out how Toll Mt Isa utilised an Allshelter in extreme heat.


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Fabric Dome Shelters offer the level of protection needed against weather elements such as extreme heat. Quality shelters, fully engineered like those offered by Allshelter, empower companies in industries like mining, industrial, and construction. They safeguard people and assets, eliminating risks of heat-related illnesses, injuries, and mechanical failures. Contact our team today to find out how a fabric shelter can help protect your assets from extreme heat.


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