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Clemcorp's container dome shelter proves a cost-effective storage solution

Clemcorp were looking for a cost-effective storage solution for incoming goods. So they contacted Allshelter as their choice of supplier for a Container Dome Shelter.

By choosing Allshelter, Clemcorp were benefited with:

  1. A dome shelter with an impressive 8.32m height clearance! This meant Clemcorp were able to maximise the space with racking up to the roof. A very cost-effective storage choice.
  2. The PE Fabric covering the shelter is rip-stop & UV resistant, hence Clemcorp’s products were safe from damage from the sun.
  3. The spread of natural light throughout the new storage area determined additional lighting wasn’t required…and this proved to be another cost saving!
  4. A 10 Year Warranty on the frame, cover & end-wall – ultimately a shelter built to last.

Therefore, the proven design of the domed shelter meant Clemcorp were assured of the quality of the structure.

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