Toll: Mount ISA


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Toll Mt Isa: Protecting people & freight with a Relocatable Shelter

The team at Toll Mt Isa deal with harsh conditions when shipping mining equipment in and out of the area. A relocatable shelter was the perfect solution.

In a dusty, hot and dry environment, it can be a tough ask to know how to keep freight protected and ensure workers are safe from the heat.

So having considered all options, Toll Mt Isa chose a Relocatable Allshelter.


  • The Allshelter was designed to suit the specifications
  • A relocatable shelter can be used on sloping ground – doesn’t need to be dead-level!
  • The shelter protects from extreme heat, dust, rain and provides good working conditions for the team
  • Cost-effective solution for machinery storage and workshop areas
  • Can be used as a lay-down area for incoming and outgoing goods

Want to know how Allshelter can help improve your working conditions? Contact us today.

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