Bulk Storage with Shelters and Portable Domes


Bulk storage with container mounted dome shelters

WAllshelter’s Fabric shelters offer an ideal solution for your company’s warehouse storage requirements. Navigating the process of selecting the proper storage solution can be daunting, but our portable dome shelters offer a straightforward and convenient answer.

What is Bulk Storage?

Bulk storage is housing significant quantities of equipment, raw materials, and supplies, typically within warehouses or manufacturing facilities. This term also encompasses storing foodstuffs and liquid products, including petroleum and other industrial supplies. In this context, materials are commonly stored in their original packaging or unpackaged bulk, reducing the need for numerous storage containers and facilitating expedited access.

Ensuring that your materials are stored in an organised and secure facility is vital for safeguarding them against damage and preventing the risk of misplacement. In addition to these protective measures, establishing a centralised location for all inventory can significantly enhance production operations. This centralisation facilitates easy access to the necessary materials, promoting heightened operational efficiency and cost savings. Companies can optimize processes and boost profits by minimising the time and effort needed to find and retrieve items.


Using Fabric Shelters for Bulk Storage

Fabric shelters offer open plan space for bulk storage, protecting containments with adaptability and excellence. Rather than using a more conventional structure, such as a steel shed, using a fabric shelter might be a better option for your business.

Allshelter offers a multitude of shelters, offering various sizes to meet specific requirements and circumstances. When it comes to bulk storage facilities, larger spaces are often necessary to accommodate all materials. That’s where our fabric shelters shine, as they can be customised to any size, free from internal posts or supports that are typically found in traditional structures of this magnitude. This allows for a seamless workflow without any interference.

What Makes Fabric Shelters The Perfect Solution

Fabric shelters, with their lightweight design and easy installation, can be less expensive that steel sheds of similar size. This is due to cheaper transportation costs than that of a heavy-duty building. In addition, fabric shelters consume much less time, with a lead time of only 2-10 weeks. This contrasts with traditional structures, which could take several months or even years, depending on the approval process and other external factors that may hinder construction. Suppose you have many materials that desperately need storing as soon as possible. In that case, a fabric shelter will be your quickest solution without settling on a cheaper or lesser-quality option. Allshelter’s fabric dome shelters can also be relocated if necessary, which can help move materials closer to a specific location.

Fabric shelters are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of industries, including transportation, mineral processing, and equipment storage. Their remarkable durability and ability to withstand even the most challenging conditions are the key reasons behind their rising popularity. Not only do they offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional warehouses, but they also provide robust protection against cyclones, lightning, heavy rain, and other extreme weather events. Unlike many other bulk storage solutions that leave inventory exposed, fabric shelters offer clean and dry storage spaces. This greatly reduces the risk of material damage caused by unpredictable weather conditions.

At Allshelter, our fabric shelters are engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 288km per hour, meeting Australian Wind Rating D standards.

Moreover, our robust polyethylene material shields against damaging UV radiation while permitting natural light inside the structure. This minimises the need for artificial illumination, leading to energy savings.


Why Allshelter?

Portable dome shelters offer a game-changing solution for your industry’s bulk storage needs. With their affordability and unmatched versatility, these shelters suitably store a wide range of items, protecting them from external factors like harsh weather. The use of fabric shelters also maximises storage space, with no support beams to obstruct access to materials. Whether you prefer floor stacking or pallet racks, our fabric shelters can accommodate all your bulk storage options. Moreover, you can customize them to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s a large structure for machinery or a smaller shelter for materials. With our friendly team’s assistance, you can have a dome shelter tailored to perfection.

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