Bothar Boring


Bothar Boring contacted Allshelter for a shelter to cover their tunneling machines in Qatar. Because their storage solution needs were so unique, they needed expert help on how to design a shelter that fit all their needs.


Qatar is a desert country and it is known for its extreme temperatures, with an average daily high that exceeds 50° C. While Allshelter offers plenty of storage solutions, their fabric shelter is perfect for the extreme hot weather conditions in Qatar. The fabric reflects UV rays, keeps the storage space cooler and promotes natural ventilation.

How We Went About It

Allshelter worked closely with Bothar Boring to design the perfect shelter. Gary Dyer, a plant manager for Bothar Boring, has previously ordered shelters from Allshelter. He was impressed by the simple process and knew that Allshelter was the company to contact when he needed to get a shelter for his project in Qatar.


The solution for Bothar Boring’s storage needs was to provide them with a CATA1012A shelter. These dome shelters provide a tall outline, are internally brighter, cooler, acoustically more quiet and can handle extreme wind strengths. They are topped with high strength woven polyethylene fabric and are easy to transport.


Bothar Boring was extremely pleased with the shelter that was provided to them. They liked the cooling nature of the fabric shelter. Another bonus for them was the fact that the shelters are easy to disassemble and move, if needed. The fabric on top of the shelter provides much-needed UV protection from the extreme elements in Qatar. The fabric shelters keep things cool. In fact, they can keep products in storage up to 15° C cooler in the hot sun. Bothar Boring also appreciated the fact that Allshelter’s products ship globally, so there are no limits as to where a shelter can get shipped. This was needed for Bothar Boring in Qatar.


“Currently, we are working on ten Herrenknecht Micro tunneling machines in the Middle East. We have several clients and our machines vary in size from 800mm to 3 meters diameter. We needed a storage solution that kept our equipment safe and out of the elements. We intend to be in Qatar for several years yet and in the future we may need more shelters. We have been pleased with the service and products that Allshelter has provided.”

Gary Dyer,
Plant Manager, Bothar Boring


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