Australian Lamb Testimonial


How Australian Lamb improved working conditions with an Allshelter

Project Background

At Australian Lamb, respect for the well-being, proper handling and humane processing of all animals is a serious social & ethical responsibility. Australian Lamb wanted to improve the working conditions for staff and the sheep.

There were two key parts to the project:

  1. Construction of under-cover areas to house sheep and keep them comfortable, cool and dry
  2. Creation of a bright and comfortable working environment for Australian Lamb staff caring for the sheep

The project included the replacement of existing dark structures & covers, and some new post mounted shelters.

Australian Lamb contacted Allshelter for assistance.

interior of post mounted shelterPost mounted shelters for australian lamb


The Solution

Allshelter designed, engineered, manufactured and installed the following shelters & replacement covers, wind-rated to region A:

  • 6 12mx30m post mounted shelters
  • 1 12mx24m post mounted shelter
  • 6 x replacement covers for existing structures

The reason for installing white covers was fact they allow the spread of light throughout the facilities. This means no artificial lighting is required, saving ongoing energy costs.

A lot of work was put into adapting the shelters to suit existing support structures.

Allshelter developed an improved guttering system to control all roof water.

The outcome? Australian Lamb were extremely happy with the new facilities.

Watch the video to discover why Australian Lamb would recommend Allshelter!


Project Challenges

As with every project, there were a couple of challenges:

  • Adapting the solution to existing areas
  • Restricted access
  • Working on a second story ‘deck’ for all shelters
  • Working seamlessly with two other schedules, with no conflicts! These schedules were the existing operations at Australian Lamb and the upgrade of yards and elevated flooring

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