Arthur & Paul Gearon


At the Gearon family farm in Chinchilla, QLD they had several pieces of machinery without the shed space to allow the machinery to be stored away from the harsh weather.

As a result, the machinery had to sit out in the rain and sun. Another problem was that they did not have the room in their shed to do proper work on their seeder with the wings down. In order to work on the seeder, they had to bring the machine out into the open. On days with less than perfect weather, this proved to be an issue. Having the seeder outside, along with their other equipment, resulted in weathering that caused parts on the machines to be replaced quicker than usual. This added an extra cost for the farm.


A new covered area was needed so that extra machinery could be parked inside, while allowing them to work on the seeder indoors with the wings down. Agrishelter worked very closely with Arthur Gearon to ensure the final design met all his requirements. Agrishelter designed, engineered and manufactured a relocatable shelter that was 1 X REAG2121A -21m wide x 21m long x 7m high that was installed on the ground using A-Frame Legs and Star Pickets. Arthur and his team installed the shelter helping him save money.


With the new shelter, the Gearon family farm has a covered area in which to do work on their machinery, no matter what the weather is. Due to the size of the shelter, they are able to drive the machinery in one end and out the other, making it very easy to work with. Prior to this, backing machinery out of the old shed, proved to be dangerous and hazardous. Now that the seeder is parked inside, it is estimated that over the course of four years, $20,000 will be saved by not having to replace seeder hoses caused by the impact of sun and rain on them. During hot weather days, the shelter is very cool to be in and provides a great deal of natural light. This in turn helps save money on energy costs. Arthur was very happy with the flexible frame and the clearspan design and he was very happy that it was significantly cheaper than a good quality shed.


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