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Shipping Container Safety - the Wrkbox®️.

Since revolutionising the global transportation and logistics industry in 1956, shipping containers have become increasingly popular for various uses. One such use has been to mount fabric dome shelters, creating an innovative and versatile shelter. Although, when containers are heavily modified, their structural integrity can be impacted, which is why at Allshelter, we now offer a shipping container alternative; the WrkBox®️.

Shipping Container Safety

Shipping containers are engineered and manufactured to endure the demanding challenges of long-distance transportation. This includes things such as:

  • Navigating through unpredictable weather conditions
  • Being stacked atop one another
  • Undergoing relentless handling by heavy machinery.

These robust containers are designed to safeguard the valuable contents, ensuring their protection throughout the journey.

Despite their inherent durability, it’s essential to note that their structural integrity can be compromised under certain circumstances. One such factor is the potential development of rust and corrosion over time. Inspecting and maintaining these containers is crucial due to exposure to environmental elements like moisture and salt.

Furthermore, physical damage can also threaten the safety of the materials stored within shipping containers. Whether accidental collisions during transportation or mishandling during loading and unloading processes, any impact can weaken the container’s structure and potentially jeopardise its ability to withstand external forces.

Additionally, modifications made to shipping containers should be approached with caution. While customisation can enhance their functionality for specific purposes, it is essential to ensure that these alterations do not compromise the original design and structural stability. Inadequate modifications can lead to unforeseen weaknesses, making the containers susceptible to damage or even collapse in extreme cases.

Shipping container alternative

Our Alternative

Shipping containers are one of the most common mounting solutions for fabric dome shelters. Whilst they provide a stable and secure mounting solution, any significant modifications to the shipping container (such as openings) directly impact the structural integrity and, therefore, the engineering. This is mainly about shipping containers that have already been compromised.

Allshelter has designed a fully customisable shipping container alternative for those needing modifications while maintaining structural integrity. The WrkBox®️ is a fully engineered and modular solution designed to mount fabric and other load-bearing structures. The WrkBox®️ offers a variety of sizes to choose from, including standard sizes or custom sizes with any combination of 3m. Along with a wide range of customizations, this fully engineered solution brings numerous benefits and provides peace of mind to individuals working in the industrial, mining, and construction sectors.

WrkBox®️ Mounted Fabric Shelter


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