RCA Civil Project


A New, Sturdy Container Shelter for RCA Civil Contractors

RCA Civil Contractors provide plant & civil solutions for upgrading Australia’s highways, mining and major infrastructure projects. They have approx. 105 trucks and therefore they required a portable workshop container shelter big and strong enough to protect the trucks, cargo and crew.

So, a cheap shelter was soon purchased; however it was swept away in bad weather in just a few months. After this unfortunate incident, another workshop shelter was urgently needed.

RCA Civil got in touch with the team at Allshelter and as a result, they were thrilled with the benefits of the new container shelter!


  • Allshelter installed the new shelter within a day
  • The design is visually appealing
  • The great quality! (Most of all, the new shelter is very sturdy and also looks more substantial)

Want to know how Allshelter can help improve your working conditions? Contact us today!


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