Advantages of fabric shelters for warehousing and storage


Advantages of fabric shelters for warehousing and storage

Steel-framed fabric shelters provide a cost-effective and practical solution for the warehousing of stock and storage of goods and equipment, whether on a temporary or an ongoing basis.

Solid bricks-and-mortar or metal shelters can be very costly and time-consuming to construct. Fabric shelters such as those from Allshelter provide a viable alternative in many situations, and also offer the advantages of portability and versatility of application.


Warehousing typically requires large clear areas for shelves, pallets of products for resale or raw materials for manufacturing, and also for vehicles such as delivery trucks and forklifts to drive into.

Situations where fabric shelters may provide a solution include:

  • For temporary warehousing requirements.
  • Where there is insufficient space in the current warehouse.
  • Where extra space is needed as the business grows and develops.
  • When relocation of the warehouse will be required in the future.
  • For trialling of a new product that requires extra storage space.
  • Where the business owner does not wish to or is unable to construct a permanent solid warehouse building.



Container shelters with full endwalls and wide openings such as a sliding curtain can provide a shelter solution for warehousing. Shelters can be anchored by using ballast (such as shipping containers), a concrete slab, slab and piers, or concrete footings – depending on how temporary or permanent the shelter is to be.


The advantages of fabric shelters for warehousing include:

  • May be more cost-effective.
  • Less site preparation is required.
  • High-quality fabric shelters offer excellent wind, weather and UV protection.
  • Frames are made from non-corrosive steel.
  • Fabric shelters are less prone to leakages.
  • Can be used to improve the capacity of an existing site rather than having to lease another property when more space is needed.
  • Flexibility – fabric shelters are adaptable to changing needs and situations.
  • Less building maintenance is required than with a solid construction.
  • Naturally lit – saving on electricity while providing a pleasant and comfortable environment. No sharp edges or corners makes for better light distribution and use of space.
  • The option to rent a shelter rather than buy is available.
  • Quick delivery and installation.
  • Extra options such as guttering and fire-retardant covers are available.
  • Easy to disassemble and relocate if necessary.
  • Less weight to transport if required.
  • Allshelter shelters are fully engineered and compliant with safety and quality standards.



Fabric shelters can also provide a solution when you require a place to store goods, equipment or vehicles.

Situations where fabric shelters may provide a solution include:

  • Where aircraft hangars are required – such as in FIFO situations where aircraft are left standing outside for long periods, and are subjected to UV rays and weather.
  • Vehicle storage, or temporary / permanent undercover parking areas for cars and trucks.
  • For storage of machinery and equipment on commercial and industrial sites.
  • Provision of a place to store goods that need protection from the weather.



  • Tall container shelters for large / tall vehicles, machinery or equipment.
  • Wide container shelters for goods and equipment.
  • Wide clear-span wind-rated aero-shelters with endwalls and earth-anchors for aircraft and aviation equipment.
  • Container shelters or post-mounted shelters for storing or parking of vehicles.

In addition to many of the same benefits for warehousing, the other advantages of fabric shelters for storage of goods and equipment include:

  • Allshelter’s shelters are wind-rated for different regions and are suitable for all kinds of terrain.
  • They offer a wide variety of options for foundations.
  • Shelters provide UV protection which may be particularly important for equipment and vehicles.
  • Shelters come in kit form and are quick and easy to assemble.


Allshelter’s weather protection systems can provide very adaptable and flexible solutions in all kinds of commercial, mining and industrial situations. We often work with global companies to design shelters on a large scale to meet specific project needs. To discuss your shelter needs, no matter the size or requirements of your project, feel free to contact our team of experts at Allshelter.


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