A Mobile, On-site Fabric Shed for S&L Steel


How a custom, large Free-Span shelter helped S&L Steel


S&L Steel has provided steel fabrication services to a number of industries including construction and mining across Australia. S&L were faced with the challenge to build a pedestrian cycleway bridge. Due to the nature of the project, they needed to bring the segments of the bridge to site and assemble them in an on-site mobile workshop. S&L sought the expertise of Allshelter, a leading manufacturer of container domes and shelters, to devise a solution that allowed flexibility in construction and relocation after project completion.


Large span gabled fabric shed




Allshelter needed to create a fabric shed that could be quick to erect, and relocatable; whilst meeting the size requirements of approximately 32 metres wide, 72 metres long and 19 metres high. The on-site workshop had to accommodate two giant cranes for assembling bridge segments.

How We Went About It

The Allshelter project management team visited site to view the area and discuss the foundation requirements with the S&L Steel team. Allshelter worked in consultation with S&L Steel on all designs and solutions. S&L were impressed with the suggestion of using a fabric building or fabric shed – viable steel shed alternatives. A customised, wide span, fabric shed (also known as a Free-Span shelter) was the best solution for S&L Steel. Not only did it meet all the requirements but there were quite a number of additional benefits which would be gained by having this type of structure on site. 



Allshelter delivered a customised Free-Span Shelter measuring approximately 32 meters wide, 72 meters long, and 19 meters high. This fabric shed alternative provided numerous advantages:

  • Relocatability: The shelter can be moved to another location upon project completion.
  • Quick Installation: Compared to conventional structures, the shelter was swift to erect, saving valuable time.
  • Natural Lighting: The fabric’s properties allowed ample natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and cutting energy costs.
  • Certification and Engineering: The structure was fully certified and engineered to meet stringent Wind Code and Australian requirements.


    S&L Steel expressed utmost satisfaction with the final results. Allshelter were able to provide a shelter solution that met all the requirements; whilst, furthermore, being a cost-effective alternative to a conventional steel structure.  



    “The fabric shelter’s relocatable, it’s quick to erect; which is a lot cheaper than a big steel shed or with gantries or any other systems that you’d require for a workshop, so this works quite well.”

    Michael Scotti – Assistant Project/Construction Manager 
    S&L Steel

    “When I first thought about a fabric cover I thought – ooh this is going to rip to shreds, and its not going to work for us. We were a bit concerned on the fabric choice we were going to be doing welding, grinding – a lot of sparks and things like that. But after about 6 months of being here, haven’t had any issue with the fabric at all. If we have another job like this on site, I definitely would go back to Allshelter to get another shed.”

    Javier Lorenzo – Project Director
    S&L Steel

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