Why your job site needs a Container Dome shelter this summer


We've got three reasons for you why a container shelter is a hotter stuff than summer!

The Australian summer is scorching. To protect your assets, a container dome shelter this summer is an ideal solution. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology states ‘December temperatures are likely to be warmer than average for Australia’ and the average maximum temperature in Australia is over 30 degrees Celsius. All crews working outside this summer should have a container dome shelter somewhere on site. Here’s why.

The sun heats things up a whole lot more than you think

Things get hot during the summer. No doubt about it, but do you know how hot? Asphalt, when exposed to direct sunlight, can reach surface temperatures as high as 80 degrees Celsius. Container Dome Shelters can provide shade, and relief on site. In the middle of summer, where the temperature can rise to 50 degrees Celsius, the risk of rapid dehydration among workers is very high. Tools and equipment become too hot to touch creating high risk of burns to any exposed skin. Production, without protection, is drastically reduced on hot days.

Container Dome Shelters can improve the quality of the job

Container Dome Shelter this summer (or any weather) can actually advance the job. Cement only needs about 25% water for hydration to take place, which means that recently poured concrete will weaken if it rains. Luckily, Allshelter polyethylene fabric shelters are resistant to water, UV & mildew so they can make sure that the job is fully protected from the elements.

Get protection from storms

Dome Fabric Shelters can stand up to the sun, rain, hail and cyclones, too. No matter how intense a storm can get, Allshelter Container Dome shelters can take it. Typically, Allshelter Container Dome shelters are wind rated from 150 to 230 km/h. No matter how intense a storm can get, your Allshelter Dome Shelter will remain unaffected.

Any crew working outside this summer would be wise to have a Allshelter Container Dome Shelter on hand. Allshelter Dome Shelter structures can keep the sun from making things too hot, can improve the quality of the job being performed, and can keep storms from affecting job sites.

For further information on protecting your job site this summer, contact us today.


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