RCA Civil Project

A New, Sturdy Container Shelter for RCA Civil Contractors RCA Civil Contractors provide plant & civil solutions for upgrading Australia’s highways, mining and major infrastructure projects. They have approx. 105 trucks and therefore they required a portable workshop container shelter big and strong enough to protect the trucks, cargo and crew. So, a cheap shelter was … Continue reading “RCA Civil Project”

Toll: Mount ISA

Toll Mt Isa: Protecting people & freight with a Relocatable Shelter The team at Toll Mt Isa deal with harsh conditions when shipping mining equipment in and out of the area. A relocatable shelter was the perfect solution. In a dusty, hot and dry environment, it can be a tough ask to know how to … Continue reading “Toll: Mount ISA”

Clemcorp Australia: Leading Supplier of Mining Ventilation Equipment

Clemcorp’s container dome shelter proves a cost-effective storage solution Clemcorp were looking for a cost-effective storage solution for incoming goods. So they contacted Allshelter as their choice of supplier for a Container Dome Shelter. By choosing Allshelter, Clemcorp were benefited with: A dome shelter with an impressive 8.32m height clearance! This meant Clemcorp were able … Continue reading “Clemcorp Australia: Leading Supplier of Mining Ventilation Equipment”


How Grainline successfully increased workshop space with a Container-mounted Shelter Grainline are manufacturers of grain augers in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Grainline had continual growth over the past 25 years, and this meant they had need to expand the covered workshop area. A container mounted shelter was a helpful solution! Grainline explored the options of extending … Continue reading “Grainline”

Doors and Curtains

Doors & Curtains Description :   One of the most important features of your shelter is access. Allshelter doors and curtains are a popular choice when you need added security, protection & privacy with your shelter.Allshelter offer a wide range of large & small doors systems that allow you to enter and exit with your … Continue reading “Doors and Curtains”

Corrosion Protection

CORROSION PROTECTION Description : Allshelter Corrosion Protection is the ultimate protection for the steel framework of your shelter. Corrosion Protection is a popular choice when the shelter is covering corrosive or toxic goods. Allshelter will first Hot Dip Galvanise the steel then add powder coating for the ultimate corrosion protection. Hot Dip Galvanising is the … Continue reading “Corrosion Protection”

Fire Retardant Covers

Allshelter standard Polyethylene Fabric covers are not classed as FR (Fire Retardant), because the material has not been tested by a textile laboratory. Polyethylene Fabric covers are flame resistant and the flame will not normally spread once the source of ignition is removed. Allshelter Fire Rated covers are made with latest technology in coating & … Continue reading “Fire Retardant Covers”

Farm Barns

The smart choice for quick, easy & cost effective cover. Temporary structures designed and made to meet rigorous weather conditions and exceed your expectations. Farm Barns come in standard lengths of 10m, 15m or 20m. FBRA7 SERIES FBRA10 SERIES FBRA12 SERIES