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From walls, doors and lighting, to signage, security and fire protection, Allshelter has all the accessories and add-ons you need to make your shelter your own.

Partial endwalls

Partially encloses the end of a container shelter or post-mounted shelter by filling in just the top arch of the shelter, and can be fitted during or after installation at any time. Used as extra protection from dust, extreme angled rain and sunlight, and manufactured from semi translucent fabric to allow in natural light, partial endwalls are self-supporting and the steel frame does not extend down to the ground.

Full endwalls

Completely enclosing one end of any fabric shelter, full endwalls provide strong dust, wind, UV and rain protection, as well as security and privacy. They are made from the same polyethylene fabric as the shelter which is stretched over a steel framework and engineered to withstand high wind pressure. Full endwalls do not have entry or exit access points, so if you need regular access we can offer doorway endwalls and door options.

Barn doors

Barn doors offer ease of access combined with privacy and security to protect your valuable assets. They are held in position with sturdy sliding bolts which can be locked with a padlock. Allshelter barn doors are made in one piece 2.3 metres wide and are available in single and double door options.

Bi-fold doors

Multi-section folding doors that concertina back to the side, bi-folds allow the flexibility of fully enclosing and locking the shelter overnight, or creating a wide open space to optimise access, airflow and light. They are hinged off the sides and are guided and supported at the top with a track system. They are available as a single set 4.4 metres wide or a double set 9.2 metres wide.

Roller doors

Roller doors are ideal for allowing quick and easy access for vehicles and staff during the day while offering very sturdy security and weather protection overnight. As they roll up into a compact unit above the door opening, they provide a completely clear entry/exit and don’t take up floor space.

Personnel access doors

Allshelter personnel access steel doors provide easy access into your shelter when you require the structure to be completely enclosed – for privacy or working conditions – and fully lockable. The steel doors are manufactured with a high quality steel framework for strength, security and durability.

Twistlock beams

Providing a portable option for Container-Mounted Shelters, twistlock beams enable you to quickly and securely attach shelters to a shipping container with the option to relocate the shelter at any time. Making the installation and dismantling process much faster, the twistlock beam system is ideal if you need frequent relocation, are unable to weld on site, or are renting containers and can’t weld to them. 

Twistlock beams are installed along the full-length of a container shelter and replace the usual mounting brackets. The twistlock beam comes in sections which are bolted together on site and attached to the container corner castings using container twistlocks. The mounting brackets come pre-welded onto the twistlock beam member at the correct spacings.

Note: The twistlock beams span 6m/20ft at a time. If you are using 12m/40ft containers you will need to add extra corner casts at the 6m point, or weld a centre bracket.

Gutters & downpipes

Optional additions on the Container-Mounted Shelters and Post-Mounted Shelters, gutters and downpipes help control water flow, catchment and storage on site. Water can be directed to storage tanks for reuse on site or to drain systems to limit erosion, equipment damage or contamination of surrounding areas.

LED lighting

While fabric shelters allow enough natural light in during the day to limit the need for internal lights altogether, if you’re working at night LED downlights or flood lights can be fitted to all our shelters to enable 24-hour operations. LED lights are longer-lasting and more energy-efficient than traditional lights, and the curved shape of the shelters and reflective quality of the fabric provides soft, evenly spread light.

Banners & signage

Adding your logo, company name or signage to your shelters is a cost-effective way to promote your business on the worksite, help staff and clients identify your operation, and direct contractors to the correct location on larger sites. Whether on the entrance, side or cover, Allshelter can organise long-lasting quality banners and signage to help your business stand out.

Corrosion protection

Popular for shelters covering corrosive or toxic goods, Allshelter’s corrosion protection gives the steel framework more durability and a longer life. As a first step we offer hot dip galvanising to coat the steel with a protective zinc coating. In addition, for the ultimate in anti-corrosion, we can also powder coat the steel for enhanced resistance to abrasions, acids and solvents. Powder coating is available in a range of colours.

Fire retardant covers

While our standard heavy-duty polyethylene fabric covers are flame resistant, and the flame will not normally spread once the source of ignition is removed, they are not classed as fire retardant (FR), as the material has not been tested by a textile laboratory. 

If you have a particular fire risk in your location or usage, Allshelter fire retardant covers are available. They are made with the latest technology in coating and extrusion manufacturing, treated with a chemical additive in the fabric and tested in an Australian laboratory to AS/NZ specifications. There are a few specialised manufacturing qualities that make up the superior fire retardant cover:

  • Airjet looms to give a consistent base for coating
  • UV stabiliser in both the yarn and the coating
  • Double stacked scrim
  • Allshelter fire retardant covers have superior strength and longer lifespan than equivalent PVC covers.

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