12m x 12m Container Shelter – Outside Mounted


This 12m x 12m Outside Mounted Container-Mounted Fabric Shelter provides exceptional durability and unbeatable weather resistance. Its versatile applications make it the perfect choice for industrial, mining, and construction industries. Invest in an Allshelter and protect your valuable assets.

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Product Overview

Our container-mounted fabric shelter is the pinnacle of excellence in shelter solutions. It complies with the latest Australian Standards and is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. With a robust construction using high-grade steel and Straatex®️ High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fabric, this shelter guarantees exceptional durability and performance.

Key Features 

Constructed with high-grade steel, our shelter is engineered to last.Its strong framework ensures resistance against heavy winds, snow loads, and other environmental stressors.The unique Straatex®️ HDPE Fabric protects against weather elements, including UV rays, water, and mould, further enhancing the shelter’s longevity. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that our shelter can be optionally equipped with fire-retardant properties, prioritising safety in any environment.

Packaged Dimensions: 3.6m Long x 0.76m Wide x 0.9m High
Packaged Weight: 1250Kgs
Usable Width: 7.66m Wide (Excluding Containers)
Height: 3.289m High (Excluding Containers) / 5.879m Heigh on single containers


When investing in our container-mounted fabric shelter, you are investing in protecting your valuable assets. This shelter provides peace of mind, whether it’s expensive machinery, vehicles, or people relying on a safe environment. No longer will you have to worry about damage caused by adverse weather conditions or the inconveniences it brings.


The versatility of our shelter knows no bounds. It can serve many purposes, catering to various industries and contexts. Whether you need extra storage space for equipment, a reliable workspace for your team, or a temporary event structure, this shelter is your ideal choice. Its adaptability makes it perfect for construction sites, mining operations, agriculture, and countless other industries.

The 12m x 12m Container Mounted Shelter can be utilised for an array of versatile uses, including:

  • Workshop
  • Covered Meeting Area
  • Spare parts and general storage
  • Equipment maintenance – small & medium vehicles
  • Sandblasting, painting & spraying booth

Our container-mounted fabric shelter is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Your assets and people will be protected by its exceptional durability, weather resistance, and adaptability. Don’t compromise on safety or convenience – choose our shelter and enjoy the peace of mind it brings. Contact us today and discover the endless possibilities that await!

Additional information

Weight 1250 kg
Dimensions 3.6 × 0.76 × 0.90 m
Do you need a Pier Kit?

No, Yes

Do you need Endwalls?

No Endwalls, 1x Partial Endwall, 2x Partial Endwalls, 1x Full Endwall, 1x Full Endwall & 1x Partial Endwall

Wind Rating

Wind Region A, Wind Region C

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality fabric shelters are designed and manufactured to assist with busy and highly industrial processes so fabric shelter damage is not uncommon.

If you identify damage to your shelter, it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible. The chance of it causing further trouble and repairs becoming more difficult increases the longer you leave it.

It's a good idea to work with the manufacturer of the shelter to make the repair process easier and quicker. Send them information, photos, or even a video of your damaged shelter.

Read more about Allshelter's repair process here.

A quality shelter that is well looked after and properly engineered can last 20 years or more. The steel framework lasts for a very long time and the shelter fabric should last over 20 years before you would need to consider replacing it.

Find out more about fabric shelter longevity here.

Allshelter's Express Range of Fabric Shelters are engineered to the latest Australian Standards, in particular the standard relating to 'Structural Wind Actions', also known as AS/NZS1170.2. Whilst the actual shelters in our Express Range are fully engineered, the endwalls for our Express Range of shelters are not.

To find out more about why Fabric Shelter engineering is important, click here.

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