Block Wall Mounted Shelters

Bulk materials and waste storage made easy

Allshelter’s block wall mounted shelters keep bulk materials dry while minimising contamination, leaching and run-off. Easy to install, open work area, customisable and built tough with an industry leading 10-year warranty.

Bolting directly to the top of engineered concrete block walls – with a versatile range of widths, heights and accessories – you can create the exact bunker storage shelter you need to protect and manage loose materials or waste.

Why choose Allshelter block wall mounted shelters?

The industry’s first 10-year warranty covers the steel framework, the fabric cover and the workmanship, so can be sure you’ve made the right choice of igloo shelter.

Reduce transport costs

Having waste dry and out of the rain keeps it lightweight, making it easier to work with and cuts the high disposal and transport costs of working with wet, heavy material.


If you need to move your waste or worksite to a different location, Allshelter’s block wall mounted shelters can be dismantled and moved.

Clear, protected workspace

A large, high curved roof mounted onto concrete block walls, unobstructed by columns, creates a spacious work area for your team protected from the heat and rain.

Open or enclosed

The shelters can be open-ended for two-way access, or one end of the shelter can be fully enclosed with a rear block wall plus partial endwall.

Flexible footings

Some freestanding shelters require no footings to support the walls, however stronger footings are available to support internal loads of materials against the walls or for higher wind ratings.

Easy DIY installation

While they are easy to install yourself without specialist skills, Allshelter also offers a great value installation service for a fast and hassle-free result.

Flexible options:

Partial endwall

Versatile uses:

  • Waste transfer station
  • Covered waste sorting areas
  • Bunker storage for covering stockpiles of processed materials and aggregates
  • Stockpile run-off control to prevent leaching into watercourses and soil
  • Keep product dry and light for transport
  • General yard/site storage

Allshelter Block Wall Mounted Shelters

Width options:

WIDTH 5.7m


Product Code: SS6BM

Allshelter in action:

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