Allshelter Free-Span Shelters are an excellent alternative to conventional building structures. The crucial benefits of a free-standing shelter include clear-span design, foundation options, fast installations,lower operating costs and low maintenance.

A Curved profile has incredible strength. The arch profiles of the Allshelter Free-standing Shelters give your free-standing shelter a clear-span design giving maximum useable storage space beneath the shelter. There are no internal posts, columns or supports to interfere with workflow. And the high profile of the shelter gives superior height clearance compared to conventional structures.

Allshelter Free-span shelters require little foundation to establish secure footing. Allshelter offer specialized anchoring equipment and services to guarantee the shelter is firmly secured for ultimate protection. There are many varied types of foundations available which mean a quicker to install, resulting in less overall expense.

Fast installation is a popular benefit with Allshelter Free-standing shelters. Often with little or no site preparation before install
meaning you save both money & time. There are only a few steps involved, and in many situations, they can be erected using
unskilled labour. However, if your free-standing shelter is complex, extremely large or you simply prefer the security of having an expert team to set up your structure, Allshelter provide professional on-site installation services.

Investing in an Allshelter Fabric Shelter, including installation, can be significantly less than conventional brick & mortar or steel
structures, particularly in clear-span applications. The fabric covers are virtually maintenance free. They are dirt & dust repellent and do not require painting or replacement to maintain their clean appearance. The fabric & steel work of the Free-standing shelter are resistant to corrosion in extreme weather or harsh environments.

At Allshelter, we are confident that our superior engineering results in stronger, longer lasting free-standing shelters. All Allshelter fabric structures come with an engineer’s stamp but they are not all the same. Contact us today, to experience the Allshelter difference in Free-standing shelters.