Leighton Contractors


How Allshelter helped Leighton Contractors with a bulk storage warehouse & maintenance shelter for the gas processing plant.


Leighton Contractors was contracted to deliver the Main Civil Works (CVL-3) on the Ichthys Project Onshore LNG Facilities. This project has been deemed Australia’s largest discovery of liquid hydrocarbons in 40 years. It’s currently in construction but is ranked one of the most significant gas/oil projects in the world.

Leighton Contractors were looking for workshop and warehouse options to store bulk goods and an area in which to work on their vehicles and equipment. In addition, they sought Allshelter’s advice on concrete slabs and the connections between concrete slabs and containers.

How We Went About It

Making certain that there was adequate clearance in the shelter, we worked with Leighton Contractors to ensure their space and design needs were met. Specific focus had to be placed on installation. This was due to two major issues they faced. The first was freight costs to the site and the other was the fact that there was limited equipment and labour available for the installation. Our shelter solution needed to be simple and compact.


Allshelter designed, engineered, manufactured, transported and installed 2 shelters for Leighton Contractors. Both shelters met the specific needs as requested. The first shelter, a SCALS3554C, measured: 35m wide x 54m long x 10m high. The second was a SCALS3530C measuring: 35m wide x 30m long x 10m high.  Both container shelters included 2 personnel access (PA) doors, 2 bi-fold doors and 2 full doorway endwalls.

The endwalls provided protection from dust, wind and rain, while the bi-fold doors are hinged off the side and utilise a track system. The personal access doors are easily lockable and made of high quality sheet metal.


Leighton Contractors were very pleased with the end results. We were able to deliver and install both container shelters in a timely fashion and provide them with what they were looking for.


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