Whether you need to excavate contaminated soil or set up a permanent processing facility, Allshelter provides the remediation and environmental industry with a quick, efficient and functional solution to site-enclosure needs.

  • Relocatable – and, reusable cradles that are supplied with every shelter make it easier to transport your shelter to the next site.
  • Minimal or No Foundations Required – shelters can be erected over any project site
  • Quick to Install – full assembly instructions come with every structure including CAD-drawings & photos and a step-by-step guide to allow you to organise your own installation at a time that suits you.
  • Fully Enclosed – limit the impact of harmful contaminants on the environment, by utilising the negative pressurized environment underneath an Allshelter fabric shelter.
  • Clear Span – large working area with no intrusion from supporting beams or uprights.
  • Brighter – lights are not normally required underneath the Allshelter fabric, even on overcast days, due to the even spread of ‘natural light’ that is allowed through the fabric which saves on high power costs and leaves no shadows or dark corners.
  • Noise Control – fabric dampens sound waves and the curved profile of the Allshelter structure controls echoes resulting in a quieter environment – both inside & out.

You may be required by environmental law or just being mindful to the community; Allshelter shelters are ultimate for containing dust, noise, odour and other disruptions while keeping the contaminated area out of the public eye.

To find out how you can cover your soil remediation site, contact us today.