Why You Should Choose a Relocatable Shelter


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Why You Should Choose a Relocatable Shelter

Have you considered going mobile on your next project? If you need to build a warehouse, a workshop, or even an aircraft hangar on your mining or construction site, we have a relocatable shelter solution that doesn’t involve any excavation or a lengthy installation process. Best of all, if you need to move locations, you can pack it up and take it with you for the ultimate in convenience and ease.

What is a relocatable shelter?

Much like its name suggests, a relocatable shelter is one that is not fixed permanently to the ground and can be moved to different areas as and when needed. At Allshelter, our relocatable shelters are suitable for most types of weather and terrain, and are made from a strong modular steel framework covered by a tough waterproof membrane.

Relocatable shelters come in a kit form, which makes them quick and easy to assemble – no specialist team is required. Instead of using foundations, our shelters are bolted directly to the ground using earth anchors. The waterproof cover goes all the way down to ground level, providing the full range of protection. Due to the design and the materials we use in our relocatable shelters, rainwater is directed away from the structure, providing a high level of coverage and protection no matter what the weather.

Although they are relocatable, this convenience doesn’t mean that these types of shelters are flimsy. Our relocatable shelters come with a 10-year warranty and are suitable for most open terrain. Rated to terrain category 2, and with a range of different wind category ratings to choose from, a relocatable shelter is durable and provides a high level of protection for workers, vehicles, machinery or anything else that needs to be shielded from the weather.

What are the advantages of choosing a relocatable shelter?

A relocatable building has the potential to save your organisation both time and money, which are extremely valuable resources on any project.

Using a relocatable shelter can save you time in a number of ways, including:

  • Installation time. With relocatable shelters, the ground doesn’t have to be completely level – so you can put them up quickly without having to level out the ground first.
  • Anyone can install them. Instead of having to wait for a special team to come and install your shelter, it is straightforward and easy to put up so you can start putting it to use straight away.
  • The relocatable shelter is held down by anchors and not foundations. This makes it quicker to put up, as there is no need to dig foundations. Relocatable shelters can also be bolted directly to existing concrete slabs for extra convenience.

A relocatable shelter can also save you money in a number of ways:

Relocatable shelters are easier to move than permanent shelters, so you can transport your shelter to another location and keep using it instead of having to pay for another permanent shelter.

  • Relocatable shelters are a highly cost-effective way to meet many of your needs, from storing machinery and creating a workshop area or an aircraft hangar, to providing warehouse solutions on your site.
  • In most cases, you won’t need to excavate or pour concrete for the foundations, unlike permanent shelters. No extra foundations are needed. This saves considerable construction and excavation costs.

In addition to all this, because relocatable shelters are not permanent they can be used on leased properties, and they come with a number of optional additions so you can customise them for your specific project needs.

To find out more about our range of relocatable shelters and to discuss your project needs further, please contact one of our specialists today.


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