Should you Buy or Rent shelters for your project?


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Should you Buy or Rent shelters for your project?

One of the great things about using container shelters for your projects is that they are so adaptable for different needs. Each project has different requirements and this means each one needs shelter solutions to match, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

When it comes to the question of whether to rent or buy your shelters, there is no simple answer, as it depends on various factors. In this post we will look at how each option might apply to different situations.

Shelter rental

Renting shelters for a project can be convenient if your current situation is temporary and your shelter needs are likely to change in the not-too-distant future. Examples include:

  • Where you have a one-off project with a defined deadline.
  • If you will be moving to a region with a very different windspeed rating at the end of your current project – such as going from a protected site with a low windspeed rating to a cyclone-prone area for example.
  • You require temporary shelters to protect hired equipment that won’t be needed long-term.
  • You need shelters for casual temporary workers to use.
  • You have a sudden need for shelters for an emergency situation, such as a factory or warehouse fire or where you are over-stocked.
  • Where you have changing requirements over time.
  • You wish to try out a shelter to see how it suits your situation, without outlaying the total purchase price.
  • Where you have a tax advantages by paying rent rather than purchasing a shelter.

Renting shelters offers flexibility and convenience. However, the downside to this is that it could end up being an ongoing expense for longer than anticipated, and costing a lot more than it would as a once-off purchase.

Buying shelters

If you need shelters on an ongoing basis and you know the type of shelters required, purchasing is likely to be the best solution. Examples include:

  • You know the type of shelter you require, and it will be used as a permanent structure at your site.
  • Your shelters will be a set size and can be moved  from one project to another – such as in construction, oil exploration or mining.
  • A shelter is required for a specific use such as a workshop for truck and machinery repairs.
  • You require shelter for employees or equipment on a long-term or ongoing project.

If you’re working on an ongoing project, buying shelters means you don’t have the ongoing cost of hire, which could be more financially viable over the long-term.

How Allshelter can help you

The beauty of the many types of Allshelter solutions is they are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them ideal for moving from one project to another when the project is completed or its licence has expired.

Our shelters also come with a 10-year warranty and comply with Australian engineering and quality standards. In other words, they are resilient and designed to last, and can be used over and over again.

Ultimately, the question of hiring or buying really comes down to the type and length of the project, whether you will need to move the shelters to a new location, and financial considerations. You may also have some permanent and some temporary requirements, and find that a combination of both renting and purchasing works best in your case.

Feel free to call us at Allshelter to discuss your project requirements.


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