Industrial Shelter Solutions by Allshelter

Cost-Effective storage areas are often required for plant equipment, machinery, vehicles, bulky stock and materials. Allshelter offers a wide range of shelter shelters for many sectors of industrial industry: marine, importer/exporters, manufacturers & many more…

Allshelter Fabric Shelters are suitable for all kinds of industrial storage and maintenance work because they also offer a highly functional & cost-effective working environment. Allshelter Shelters provide highly accessible storage space. The durable fabric covers are virtually maintenance-free, requiring no cleaning, painting or treatments.


  • The dome curved roofs allow good air circulation and flow this makes them popular with the industrial workforce, while bringing operating costs down at the same time.
  • Allshelter Shelters have a clear-span design eliminating the need for interior columns. This allows for easy equipment manoeuvrability and maximum storage area and work space.
  • Safer, pleasant working conditions for employees plus, with little to no artificial lighting required during the day, you can save money on costly lighting bills.

  • Extra Warehouse & Storage
  • Equipment & Machinery Storage
  • Maintenance Shed
  • Bulky Goods Storage
  • Manufacturing Shops