Allshelter Group easy finance solutions are a cost effective method to conserve capital whilst enabling you to acquire the equipment that is required to run their businesses profitably and efficiently. This means for your business to be able to save vital working capital rather than commit it to longer term assets (which often depreciate).

What Finance?

1. Hire

Allshelter Group have a fleet of container shelters available for immediate hire. Allshelter Group Hire fleet is popular with customers need a short-medium shelter solution, without need to make a long-term commitment. We are always adding to our hire fleet, contact us now to find out what shelter sizes are currently available.

Minimum rental term is 6 months. 

2. Lease

Finance with your shelter with a cost-effective lease option. Allshelter Group finance provider will purchase the asset on your behalf giving you a low fixed monthly instalment over a fixed period with a residual value at the end of term. To find out more on how a least option could benefit your business, contact us today.

3. Rent-to-own

Allshelter Group Rent-to-Own finance solution helps you pay off your assets of an “off balance sheet” rental agreement. Continue to rent – and you continue to reduce your purchase price. Contact us now to find out more information on how Rent-to-own works.  

Benefits of Finance

1.Save Money by not having to outlay the capital to purchase equipment required today, you can simply have a low monthly installment. Use the capital saved to help grow your business.

2. Easy Budgeting helps you plan and manage your businesses equipment requirements with fixed monthly repayments over fixed terms. In some business cases, finance comes under OPEX budgets instead of CAPEX budgets.

3. Flexibility of Finance allows you to spread the cost of the equipment over its useful life, choose rental plans from 1 – 5 Years.

4. Secure Finance Solution that does not affect the borrowing capacity with your bank.

If you are interested in finance for your shelter solution, contact Allshelter. Allshelter will arrange for a finance specialist to assess the specific finance needs and to prepare you a finance quote for the best finance solution for your project.

Contact us now to find out what shelter sizes are currently available for hire.

Finance Comparison: 

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Disclaimer: This information should only be used as a guide please contact your account or financial adviser for more information.