Partial Endwall :

A Partial Endwall System partially encloses the end of a Container Shelter or Post Mounted Shelter by filling in the arch of the shelter only.

A Partial Endwall is totally self-supporting and the supporting steel framework does not extend down to the ground. Allshelter Partial Endwalls can be fitted to an Allshelter at any time.

Partial Endwalls are a popular solution for partial protection from dust, dirt, extreme angled rain and direct sunlight. Allshelter Partial Endwalls are manufactured from Semi Translucent Covers so that your dome shelter can still transmit natural light.

Full End Walls :

A Full Endwall completely encloses one end of any Fabric Shelter.

A Full Endwall is made from the same Polyethylene fabric as the Shelter and is stretched over a steel supporting framework. A Full Endwall framework is engineered to withstand the high wind pressures that are applied to this large ‘flat’ surface area.

An Allshelter Full Endwall is not easily removed for regular access and has no entry or exit points – refer to Doorway Endwall for better access.

Full Endwalls are a common solution for extra Dust, Wind UV and Rain Protection. The fully enclosed end on the shelter means that you gain extra privacy on your dome shelter.

Contact us to find out what Endwall options suit your Shelter.