Doors & Curtains

Description :


One of the most important features of your shelter is access. Allshelter doors and curtains are a popular choice when you need added security, protection & privacy with your shelter.Allshelter offer a wide range of large & small doors systems that allow you to enter and exit with your personnel, equipment or

machinery, depending on your needs.

  • Barn Doors
  • Bi-Fold Doors
  • Sliding Curtains
  • Personnel Access Doors

To find out the best access door for your shelter, contact Allshelter today.

Barn Doors :


Allshelter Barn Doors are available in both a single and double door options. Allshelter Barn Doors are made in one piece. The Barn Doors are hinged off the sides and are held in position with sliding bolt locks.


Doors Width Length
Single Barn Door Set 2.3m 2.6m
Single Barn Door Set 2.3m 3.6m

*Custom Size Options Available

Bi-Fold Doors :


Allshelter Bi-Fold Doors are multi-section doors that fold/concertina back to the sides of the fabric shelter. The Bi-Fold Doors are hinged off the sides and are guided and supported at the top with a track system.


Doors Width Length
Single Bi-Fold Door Set 4.4m 3.9m
Single Bi-Fold Door Set 4.4m 5.9m
Double Bi-Fold Door Set 9.2m 5.9m
Double Bi-Fold Door Set 9.2m 7.9m

Sliding Curtains :


Allshelter Sliding Curtains are manufactured from one heavy duty fabric membrane that makes up the curtain. Sliding Curtains are operated similar to curtain-side trucks.

Allshelter Sliding Curtains are normally fixed to one side, tensioned to the other side, and with supporting straps across the width.

Personnel Access Doors :


Allshelter Personnel Access (PA) Doors are a steel door manufactured with High Quality Steel Frame work, designed to be installed in a doorway endwall system. Personnel Access (PA) Doors are designed for easy access into your shelter when you require the structure to be completely enclosed. Personnel Access Doors provide easy lockable access to your shelter.