Agrishelter Hay Shelters is the perfect solution to protect your hay from all weather conditions. The shelters are made from a modular steel framework covered by a waterproof fabric membrane. The fabric shelter structure then either, mounts to 2.4m high steel posts or directly to the ground using earth anchors. Agrishelters are built tough to withstand all weather conditions, anywhere in Australia.

Key benefits:

  • Natural ventilation

  • Evenly dispersed natural light

  • Fully relocatable
  • Clear Span Construction
  • Proven engineering
  • Anchor with concrete piers – or starposts if the soil is suitable

If you want proven protection for your hay, you can’t go past Allshelter.

“… I’ve got about 2,500 bales in each one.
A lot cheaper per bale than building
an ordinary shed …”
[Customer at CALDWELL NSW]


Allshelter Group easy finance solutions are a cost effective method to conserve capital whilst enabling you to acquire the equipment that is required to run their businesses profitably and efficiently. This means for your business to be able to save vital working capital rather than commit it to longer term assets (which often depreciate).

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REAG2124 21.2m 24.0m 7.5m 880 640
REAG2136 21.2m 36.0m 7.5m 1320 960
REAG2148 21.2m 48.0m 7.5m 1760 1280
REAG2160 21.2m 60.0m 7.5m 2200 1600
REAG2624 26.5m 24.0m 8.7m 1200 960
REAG2636 26.5m 36.0m 8.7m 1800 1440
REAG2648 26.5m 48.0m 8.7m 2400 1920
REAG2660 26.5m 60.0m 8.7m 3000 2400

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