Clemcorp were looking for a cost-effective storage solution for all their incoming goods. They contacted Allshelter as their choice of supplier for a Dome Container Shelter.

Choosing a container dome shelter meant that Clemcorp benefited with:

  • A Dome Structure that has an impressive 8.32m height clearance. Clemcorp were able to maximise the space with racking to the roof – making it a cost-effective storage choice.
  • PE Fabric covering the shelter which is rip-stop & UV resistant. Clemcorp products were safe from sun damage underneath the shelter – giving peace of mind with protection of their products while in storage. They also don’t require extra lighting due to the spread of natural light throughout the storage area.
  • 10 Warranty on both of the frame, the cover & the endwall. A proven quality design of the Allshelter meant Clemcorp could be assured of the quality of the structure.

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Quick Facts:

Size:                             CATA1424A + Full Endwall
Location:                    63 Christable Way, Landsdale WA 6065
What it’s used for:   Storage of incoming goods
Industry:                    Industrial

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